Whirlybirds N2838B Flight Sim


This "38 Bravo" flight sim is the second effort of the Whirlybirds Flight Sim Project. It was carried out by the three man team of Tom Heaverlo, of Iowa, and Jeff Jankovics, of North Carolina, both members of the Bell 47 Helicopter Association, and the creation of the Bell 47 J2A from Lasse Lindh, of Sweden. Lasse has taken two-dimensional elements and sound clips, provided by Jeff, and turned them into a realistic three-dimensional work of art, that performs and sounds like a Bell Model 47J-2 Ranger. For this "38 Bravo" project, Jeff provided three-view drawings, pictures of J's from all conceiveable angles, and sound clips of a real J (from startup to shutdown; they were the recorded sounds of 38 Bravo from several episodes). Jeff worked with Tom for the color, shading and detailing for the "38 Bravo" model. Tom has done numerous repaints of varying aircraft, for some years, and like Jeff has a strong interest in the Bell 47, along with fond memories of the Whirlybirds. Working together, this team from Sweden and the United States has created this beautiful N2838B flight Sim.


Bell 47 J Ranger - N2838B


N2838B Downloads

The complete N2838B Whirlybirds Bell 47 J2A Sim consists of these items:

1. Bell_47J2 Helicopter - The Bell 47 J2A creation of Lasse Lindh.

2. Bell 47J2 with Floats - The Bell 47 J2A creation of Lasse Lindh with floats.

3. Bell47J2_N2838B **TEXTURES ONLY** Files - The project team textures zip file along with a readme file describing how to install.

4. Bell47J2_N2838B w/ floats **TEXTURES ONLY** Files - The project team textures zip file along with a readme file describing how to install.

Please Note: 1. must be installed before 3., and 2. must be installed before 4.


My sincere thanks to:

Lasse Lindh, of Sweden, creator of the Bell 47 J2A digital model
Jeff Jankovics, RC and Computer Simulation Director of the B47HA and President of the New Whirlybirds Fan Club
Tom Heaverlo, B47HA member and Flight Sim Repaint designer

for allowing me to showcase this beautiful Whirlybirds flight sim repaint.

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