N975B - "75Bravo"   N2838B - "38Bravo"
Whirlybirds Flight Sim Project


The Whirlybirds Flight Sim Project is featured in the June 2004 issue of Computer Pilot.
Ringing the Bells

"Tom Heaverlo tells an interesting story of how a group’s love for a helicopter television show spawned the creation and development of some excellent Bell 47 flying models for the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform."

Congratulations to the Whirlybirds Flight Sim Project Teams.



For those of you who love to fly in the Sim world of the flight simulators, here are two beautiful flight sim repaints of the helicopters from the 50s Television show, Whirlybirds. Now you can fly the same ships that Chuck Martin and P.T. Moore piloted to all sorts of adventures. Two project teams have been and are working together in an international effort to recreate "75 Bravo" and "38 Bravo", two of the most recognized helicopters from the 50's and 60's. Tom Heaverlo and Jeff Jankovics, from the U.S., have been active on both teams. Jean-Marie Mermaz, of France, and Lasse Lindh, of Sweden, are the gifted designers of the G and J respectively.
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