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These high quality t-shirts can be ordered from
THE INSTITUTE OF HI-FIDELITY . When you get there, click "enter" and then click "Random".
They come in different colors and in all sizes.
Note: I bought four of them and they are excellent.

Contact if you would like one of these excellent sweatshirts or t-shirts.
(This email is no longer valid. I'm investigating the problem. This item may no
longer be available.)
This patch can be ordered from
National Helicopter Merchandise

This hat was admired by everyone at the 2004 Rotorfest helicopter air show. They are quality Nissin hats with the logo embroidered in 3 colors.  The hats come with the metal adjustment clasp in the back, not the cheap nylon snap type adjustment.  There are 4 colors available: khaki, white, dark blue and red.
To order a hat, email Dick Hausfeld at



The Bell Helicopter Textron Story :
Changing the Way the World Flies
By David A. Brown.
This is a very definitive book of the history of Bell Helicopter. Published in 1995.








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